Smile Mass Team (OPEN TO ALL)

Please help me as I raise money for an awesome cause!

I’m so excited to be taking part in this fundraiser in support of SMILE Mass 4x4x4 Run, a cause I feel passionately about. I’ll need all the help I can, so even if you can’t donate at this time, please share my fundraising page with your friends and family to help me get the word out there.

All the money raised on this page will go directly to SMILE Mass 4x4x4 Run, where the funds will be used directly to help further their mission and raise awareness for their cause. For more information about this project, you can visit their fundraising page here.

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    Nancy Purpura

    Donated $106.59
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $200
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    Diane Auger

    Donated $42.83
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    Cheryl Davin

    Donated $106.59
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $53.45
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    Julia Herzfelder

    Donated $44
  • B582a5ac787c74229084faa9e45c0025.png?s=240& avatar

    Schuyler Bixby

    Donated $20
  • 0f57016f4f6559501728411fc50b0b0e.png?s=240& avatar

    Veta Mayer

    Donated $25
  • 819f5a2c9c05c4ca0efa174b25148554.png?s=240& avatar

    Kayla Getter

    Donated $25
  • 6b6a5474b22712bc6fe636b66282337d.png?s=240& avatar

    Emma Lesko

    Donated $53.45
  • 42074e9cf7be900465d045920f66699f.png?s=240& avatar

    Hailey Ricciardi

    Donated $21.57
  • 72f3be3c8d2e903b310e5ed35721aa74.png?s=240& avatar

    Rachel Kennedy

    Donated $40
  • 5dff7ad3176e39a924d336d1919d24c0.png?s=240& avatar

    David Field

    Donated $53.45
  • 295af272ffb62cc50b31cdb48dd390d0.png?s=240& avatar

    daphne mcnicholas

    Donated $25
  • 013dcbe45a1067315a1ba08d9f2eda7e.png?s=240& avatar

    Ellie G

    Donated $26.89
  • 6424507e6162037bbcc14076b071a82e.png?s=240& avatar

    Reg Anderson

    Donated $25
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $30
  • 26cbd6482851c3e887b8e0a5a063256c.png?s=240& avatar

    Blair Stewart

    Donated $53.45