Lotte & Nicholas Fundraiser for SMILE Mass 4x4x4 Run

Please help me as I raise money for an awesome cause!

Nicholas and I are so excited to be taking part in this fundraiser in support of SMILE Mass 4x4x4 Run.

We are running because inclusion matters!

In the disabled community, isolation is something that is often too familiar. The outside world is not inclusive, not accessible, and is not understanding of the inherent challenges that having a disability brings. However, disability is NOT synonymous with inability. Waypoint Adventure and SMILE Mass work to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities to fulfill the vision that all people, regardless of ability, will have opportunities for adventure, and through them realize their personal value.

Run with us or sponsor us today and commit to making life post-quarantine accessible for everyone!

The 4 amazing charities benefitting from this run need all the help they can get, so even if you can’t donate at this time, please share my fundraising page with your friends and family to help me get the word out there.

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    Nancy Purpura donated $106.59.
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    Nancy Purpura

    Donated $106.59