SMILE Mass VIP Running Team 2020

We run for those who can't!

As you many know, The Ragnar Relay Cape Cod, one of SMILE Mass's biggest fundraiser of the year was cancelled due to COVID-19. But that won't stop us!

Because of COVID-19, the clients that SMILE Mass serves, 12.2% of the population with severe disabilities, need our help now more than ever.

So that we can continue to service our clients, SMILE Mass has a team of VIP runners whom are running several races including - The Falmouth Road Race (virtual), Reach the Beach (potentially virtual), Finish at the 50 (potentially virtual), the SMILE Mass Gobble Wobble and many more.

Each runner has committed to raise $2500 for SMILE Mass. Every donation will make an immediate impact in the lives of families raising children or adults with disabilities. No donation is too small.

Thank you for your support of our amazing VIP runners!

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