Accessible Tree House - $100,000 for naming rights

Get naming rights for the accessible tree house for $100,000
or simply donate towards the tree house

SMILE Mass has plans to open an adaptive and inclusive outdoor recreation area.

On the property we will have an accessible tree house with ramps to give access to ALL. Having an accessible tree house will give all of our clients an aerial view of the property as well as allow our differently-abled guests to experience the fun of being up in the tree-tops!

We are looking at property in the metro-west area of Massachusetts. The property will be developed in stages and will offer outdoor trails for running, biking or cross-country skiing, a pavilion where we can offer socially distant recreation classes including fitness training, art and music classes as well as story time classes, just to name a few. This property will also include an accessible tree-house. This outdoor, accessible recreation area will be able to accommodate able-bodied individuals as well as individuals with disabilities. It will be run on a membership basis, just like any other gym/club.